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Swimtopia Tutorials and Quick Reference Guide

Swimtopia –

Registration Setup

Lineup Completion - 

2024 - Swimtopia Training Webinar for ASA - Meet Entries

2023 - Swimtopia Training Webinar for ASA - Meet Entries

  • Meet Setup and Collecting Swimmer Status and Entry Preferencces

Overview - Meet Entries -Webinar Video - Meets and Entries

  • Once Entries Are Done
  • Merging the Meet - Combining Events 
  • Designating Lanes Including Non-Scoring Lanes for 5 Lane Pools
  • In a 5 lane pool assign teams to their designated lanes for heat 1. Ex: Home Team Lanes 2 and 4, Visiting Team Lanes 1 and 3. The unassigned lane will automatically be the non-scoring lane. Communicate with the visiting team BEFORE lineups are done which lane will be the non-scoring lane so they don’t put swimmers in that lane when doing their heat 1 lane assignments.

Editing Imported Results in Swimtopia - Editing Existing Results in Swimtopia

Once the meet is merged you them will move over to Meet Maestro

Meet Maestro

2022 Training Webinar for Meet Maestro

2023 Training Webinar for Meet Maestro

2024 Training Webinar for Meet Maestro

Overview - Getting Started with Meet Maestro - Meet Maestro™ Demo

Printing Meet Reports – Meet Maestro Settings - Pre-Meet Reports

Accessing Reports

Report Design Options

Available Reports








Label Tips

Printing Tips

Display Reports on your SwimTopia Site

Saving Reports in PDF Format

Mobile Ap Setup - Mobile Ap Help Section

Running the Meet - Running Your Meet

Entry Substitutions and Changes - Meet Maestro - Entry Additions & Edits

Adding Swimmers After Meet Merge - Adding Swimmers After Merge

Entering Results -Meet Maestro - Results Entry

Scoring and Team Scores - Point Scoring and Standings

How to fix conflict between times and place judges - Judge Override of Timed Places

Ribbon Labels - AWARD LABELS

Timing Systems

Running Meet Maestro with CTS Dolphin Wireless Timing System

Running Meet Maestro with Time Drops Timing System

Running Meet Maestro with Wylas Timing System

Post Meet - After Your Meet

Uploading Your Results to Swimtopia - Meet Maestro Settings – Finish & Export

Editing Imported Results in Swimtopia - Editing Existing Results in Swimtopia

Overview - Meet Maestro Settings – Post-Meet Reports

Meet Reports

Transferring Results when your meet is done - Meet Maestro Settings – Finish & Export

Virtual Meets

Virtual Meet Overview

Virtual Meet Merge of Results

Continuing an Existing Meet Virtually

Additional Resources

Editing Your Team Info Page on the ASA Website and Designating Coaches and Reps to grant them access to this info and league e mails.

  • Swimtopia Help Links
  • Swimtopia Help Phone - 877-856-2940 (Option 2) (Option 6 after hours)
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ASA Swimtopia Quick Reference Guide

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