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Swimtopia Tutorials and Quick Reference Guide

Swimtopia –

Lineup Completion - SwimTopia Training Webinar for ASA -- Meet Entries.

  • Meet Setup and Collecting Swimmer Status and Entry Preferencces

Overview - Meet Entries -Webinar Video - Meets and Entries

  • Once Entries Are Done
  • Designating Lanes Including Non-Scoring Lanes for 5 Lane Pools
  • In a 5 lane pool assign teams to their designated lanes for heat 1. Ex: Home Team Lanes 2 and 4, Visiting Team Lanes 1 and 3. The unassigned lane will automatically be the non-scoring lane. Communicate with the visiting team BEFORE lineups are done which lane will be the non-scoring lane so they don’t put swimmers in that lane when doing their heat 1 lane assignments.

Once the meet is merged you them will move over to Meet Maestro

Meet MaestroASA Training Webinar for Meet Maestro

Overview - Getting Started with Meet Maestro - Meet Maestro™ Demo

Printing Meet Reports – Meet Maestro Settings - Pre-Meet Reports

Accessing Reports

Report Design Options

Available Reports








Label Tips

Printing Tips

Display Reports on your SwimTopia Site

Saving Reports in PDF Format

Mobile Ap Setup - Mobile Ap Help Section

Running the Meet - Running Your Meet

Entry Substitutions and Changes - Meet Maestro - Entry Additions & Edits

Entering Results -Meet Maestro - Results Entry

Scoring and Team Scores - Point Scoring and Standings

How to fix conflict between times and place judges - Judge Override of Timed Places

Ribbon Labels - AWARD LABELS

Timing Systems

Running Meet Maestro with CTS Dolphin Wireless Timing System

Running Meet Maestro with Time Drops Timing System

Running Meet Maestro with Wylas Timing System

Post Meet - After Your Meet

Uploading Your Results to Swimtopia - Meet Maestro Settings – Finish & Export

Overview - Meet Maestro Settings – Post-Meet Reports

Meet Reports

Transferring Results when your meet is done - Meet Maestro Settings – Finish & Export

Additional Resources

  • Editing Your Team Info Page on the ASA Website and Designating Coaches and Reps to grant them access to this info and league e mails.
  • Volunteer Management –
  • Swimtopia Help Links
  • Swimtopia Help Phone - 877-856-2940 (Option 2) (Option 6 after hours)
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ASA Swimtopia Quick Reference Guide

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