ASA Championship Session 7 is Saturday July 2

    ASA Championship Session 7 is Saturday

    June 28, 2022


    Quick correction, Session 7 is SATURDAY, July 2 (not Friday) sorry for any panic.

    The big meet is here. I want to wish everyone good luck and look forward to some fast swimming. Hopefully it won't rain inside. I am attaching the entry list AND heat sheet for sessions 1 and 2 (Wednesday's Meets), including heat and lane assignments. Click on the following link to access the documents, also if you have to change your relays and want to get a jump on doing so please use the relay change form at this link Relay Change Form. You can write them up and bring them to the meet to the timing room as soon as you arrive. Please do NOT e mail them to me, my inbox is already bursting and I don't want to miss any of them. There will be some copies of these in your team pack as well.

    Session 5 - Friday, July 1 - 9:30 AM

    Session 5 Psych Sheet

    Session 5 Entry List with Heat and Lane Updated June 29

    Session 5 Heat Sheet Updated June 29

    Session 6 - Friday, July 1 - 4:00 PM

    Session 6 Psych Sheet

    Session 6 Entry List with Heat and Lane

    Session 6 Heat Sheet

    Session 7 - Saturday, July 2 - 10:30 AM

    Session 7 Psych Sheet

    Session 7 Entry List with Heat and Lane Updated June 29

    Session 7 Heat Sheet Updated June 29

    These documents can also be found at https://asa.swimtopia.com/championship

    I will follow suit for the other sessions likely the 36-48 hours before your session. Print as many as you need, we will NOT provide any for teams in your team pack, nor will there will be any on sale for the forgetful types. Use the entry lists for checking in your teams and making sure all of them are accounted for at departure, you can also use them mainly for the benefit of marking your kids arms for heat and lane prior to your meet.

    For full reminders about traffic flow in the venue, parking, warmup and worker assignments as well as team seating be sure to visit https://asa.swimtopia.com/championship

    See you soon,

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