ASA State Qualifying Marker Removal Reminder - IMPORTANT

    ASA State Qualifying Marker Removal Reminder

    July 1, 2022


    This is a reminder to all teams who marked their swimmers for state qualifying purposes with AL8, sub7, JC6, or SP5. If you did the for any of your swimmers you MUST do the following:

    1. Import the Meet Results file from the ASA website for your swimmers.

    2. Go to the People menu of your Swimtopia site and select the athletes you marked with the state qualifying marker and select that athlete.

    3. Remove the marker from the swimmer’s name AND preferred name if one is listed. Ex. AL8John Swimmer goes back to John Swimmer.

    4. Select save.

    If you do not do this, it will create a duplicate record in your registration system and create extra work for your team next year. If you have any questions about this let me know, or contact Swimtopia.

    See you soon,

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