​2022 ASA Season Survey, 2023 Dates, Swimtopia Reminder

    2022 ASA Season Survey, 2023 Dates, Swimtopia Reminder

    November 29, 2022


    I hope this e mail finds you all doing well and that you all had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to get the ball rolling on the 2023 season and provide a couple of reminders to everyone. First and foremost your feedback is crucial in helping the league continue to evolve and improve. Included in the survey is an opportunity to provide information about your coaching staffs and salary ranges as well as volunteers for meets. Finally, there is a section of the survey that allows teams to provide us your inventory of ribbons leftover from the 2022 season. Please get us that info to allow us to make sure we have your ribbon needs covered for the 2023 season.

    To that end I'd like to ask you to complete a league survey for the 2022 season, this info will be very helpful in framing things for the 2023 season and beyond. It only takes a few minutes, please give us your feedback. Please visit the following link ASA 2022 Post Season Survey. If possible, please try to complete the survey by December 15.

    2023 Season Dates

    As referenced in my last e mail, we have dates for the 2023 season. The dates for the season are designed around the school calendar, which has kids finishing up the last week of May. We are looking at a first meet date of May 30 and June 1. The championship will likely stick with our Wednesday to Saturday schedule from June 28 – July 1. With our championship divisional sessions being during the week for many teams, you may want to plan ahead for that last dual meet possibly being on a Monday or Tuesday to give you a day off before your divisional session. I wanted to get this to you as early as possible so you could plan ahead with your pool boards and HOA's.This calendar is not 100% final yet, but it seems to most logical layout given the way the calendar falls and when most schools will get out.

    2023 Swimtopia Reminders and Update Contact Info

    Most of you already have received a couple of reminders about this, but I figured I'd offer one more nudge. Swimtopia has moved exclusively to Stripe as its payments processor for the 2023 season. They no longer support WePay. This will require a few added steps for those teams that did not use Stripe in 2022. The biggest part of this involves obtaining an Employee Identification Number (EIN) An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a Federal Tax Identification Number used to identify a registered business or nonprofit.

    If your team isn't a legal entity, there are many reasons you should be, apart from opening bank and credit card processing accounts. If your team has no legal entity established, all legal and tax liabilities fall on the shoulders of the individuals in charge of the organization.

    If you did not file with the IRS, you likely don’t have an EIN. Obtaining an EIN is free, should take less than 10 minutes to obtain, and will relieve you of any personal tax liability.

    Click on "Learn More" for additional details and to apply for an EIN.

    One more reminder to teams, please update your team contact info on your Swimtopia page. This is done in two places. One is in the "People" link the other is on your team's info page that allows other teams to communicate with you throughout the season. Taking these steps ensures your coordinators, coaches and computer folks are on the ASA communication list to receive information about the league and the upcoming season. Details on completing these tasks can be found at

    Team Info Page Editing Instructions

    Adding a Coach

    Designating People to Roles

    We truly appreciate your hard work and flexibility in making the 2022 season an awesome summer, thousands of kids had a great summer season thanks to your hard work and dedication. In the meantime, please feel free to call or e mail if you need anything from me.

    Thank you again,

    Franke Marsden

    ASA League Coordinator



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