2023 ASA Season Update

    2023 ASA Season Update

    January 16, 2023

    Happy 2023 to all of you out in swim land, I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and are doing well and healthy. I always seem to write this e mail on a cold and miserable day in the dead of winter in the hopes that the thought of another summer season will brighten the day. We are eagerly anticipating a great 2023 season. To get the ball rolling on the 2023 season we need to get a few bits of info from each team, namely your team status for 2023, any meet date/opponent requests, preferred date to swim in the ASA Championship, and your current ribbon inventory. Please visit https://forms.gle/3djCQ6EC6duUzkuDA to provide that information for us as soon as you can. If you have not done so already please get the ball rolling with your HOA and neighborhoods so you can come up with the best way to make your 2023 season a reality.

    Dates for 2023 are set and listed below. Meets will fire up in late May, with the ASA Championship being held June 28 – July 1. We will have timed final sessions, unlike last year we will have a schedule of who swims on what days/times will be sent to teams by March. We will use the 2 pool format for the Championship. Teams that normally swim on Tuesday nights will swim on June 28 or 29 (Wednesday or Thursday); teams that swim on Thursday nights will swim on June 30 or July 1 (Friday or Saturday). If you have specific scheduling requests for your dual meets, please put those requests in the Google doc referenced above. The deadline for schedule requests will be Wednesday, March 22.

    As always, our league website https://asa.swimtopia.com/ has a wealth of information on the league and the coming season. You can always find resources like team contacts, league rules, recaps and recordings of league meetings, league news, championship meet information and results as well as training resources.

    We have some exciting developments for the 2023 season. Swimtopia has upgraded and enhanced their Team Management and Meet Management (Meet Maestro) platforms. As is the case each season, we will offer a number of training webinars to get teams up to speed on using those products to make their teams operate more efficiently, and take some of the busy work off of coordinator’s plates. I will follow up in the soon with a rundown of remaining training webinars to get teams up to speed on all of the functionality of their platform. As we did last year, ASA partnered with Summer League Swimming (SLS) to conduct background checks and training for all coaches in the league. This is an important step to help ensure the safest environment for the swimmers and families in the league and something that is a part of all youth sports. Once again, ASA has arranged for SLS to set up a process where all teams can undertake this check before coaches begin work with their teams and that cost will be covered as part of the ASA fee swimmers pay each year. This will prevent teams from having to reimburse coaches for that process or coaches having to pay that fee themselves. Additionally, we have arranged for an online coaches' education and certification course that will serve as a valuable resource for every coach in the league. These are all tools that will create a safer, more positive environment for your team. Details on that course will be headed your way next month, so keep an eye out for that information.

    Swimtopia Webinar 1 – Team page and Registration setup – Tuesday, January, 24 at 7:00 pm

    As was the case last year, we have arranged for Swimtopia to offer several training webinars prior to the season. The first one in the series will help your team get registration open and update your team page for the coming season. A link to the Zoom meeting is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85055230877?pwd=Vnozd1ZYOGYwUnVkdlBzSUFwRE1iUT09

    2023 Season Dates

    Intown/DeKalb Teams

    Tuesday Nights - May 30, June 6, 13, 20, Monday, June 26 (as most teams in this category will have their divisional session on Wednesday or Thursday, your last dual meet will be Monday, June 26 to allow a day off before your divisional session).

    Northern Teams

    Thursday Nights June 1, 8, 15, 22, Tuesday June 27 (as most teams in this category will have their divisional session on Friday or Saturday, your last dual meet will be Tuesday, June 27 to allow a day off before your divisional session).

    We will have full schedules (who you are swimming and when you are swimming them) completed by April 7.

    Organizational Preseason Meetings

    As was the case for most of our meetings last year, we will go the Zoom route to allow for convenience for everyone. We will forward the details of those meetings once we set the dates. Our first organizational meeting dates are set a list of dates, locations and times are as follows:

    Swimtopia Registration and Team Page Webinar – Tuesday, Jan 24 at 7:00 pm

    Zoom Link - : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85055230877?pwd=Vnozd1ZYOGYwUnVkdlBzSUFwRE1iUT09

    Swimtopia – Volunteer Management Webinar – Mid March

    Swimtopia - Meet Entries for coaches webinar, Mid-April

    Swimtopia - Meet Maestro Webinar(for computer people, early May) Saturday, May 6 at 10 am

    Opening Organizational Meeting – Late February TBD

    April Rules Meetings - Late April TBD

    May Ribbon Distribution and Meet Procedure Review - Weds. May 10 at 7 pm at Marist

    Update Team Contact Info

    We are currently fine tuning this part of the league website, it should be back up and running in the next week or so. We will e mail you once it is live. Please make sure to update your team contact info for the 2023 season. This is how the league and other teams communicate with one another, and accurate information is crucial. Adding your contact info, your e mail address automatically puts you in the communication loop for all league correspondences. It is crucial that all team reps and coaches are listed, as they all benefit from the periodic e mails that are sent leading up to and during the season.

    Instructions on how to update your team page can be found in the following attachment ASA Team Page Setup and Editing Instructions . The new link to all of our teams can be found at ASA Team Page Link . Please update your team's information, as this will be our destination for teams to get in touch with one another throughout the season, as well as allow your officials to find your facilities each week.

    2023 Season Update

    2023 ASA Fees, Waivers, New Concussion Waiver/Information, Etc...

    Registration fees for 2023 will $35.00 per swimmer. Late fees apply on two dates. The first late fee begins April 15, the fee for registrations after April 15 will be $55 per swimmer (a $20 late fee). Registrations after June 1 will be $60 per swimmer (at $25 late fee). All fees are subject to a $2 per swimmer service fee. For the sake of simplicity for your families, the fees are essentially $37 prior to April 16, $57 between April 16 and June 1, and $62 after June 1. Fees for the 2023 ASA Championship $45 per swimmer and does not require a service fee. The $2 fee covers the transaction and processing costs for ASA registration. Also of note, the Swimtopia fee of $2.75 per swimmer is not a separate line item and will be paid directly to Swimtopia, instead of ASA as was the case last year.

    New this year is that all swimmers who are part of your junior teams (guppies, mini-cudas, minnows, etc…) are subject to an ASA fee of $20 per swimmer plus Swimtopia and transactional costs (about $23.50 per swimmer). We have been advised by our risk management advisors that these swimmers are part of your programs and therefore part of yours an ASA’s liability responsibility. Teams that chose to opt out of this responsibility were not covered by the league liability coverage for those swimmers, this change avoids that issue. Many teams already were having their swimmers pay the full ASA fee at the full cost, so this will reflect a savings for those swimmers. Additionally, these athletes receive many of the same benefits of league membership as your competitive team swimmers receive. Instructions on how to include this as part of your registration are included in the registration instructions for 2023.

    We have already uploaded the 2023 ASA waiver and fee schedules (including all fee schedules) to Swimtopia, so when you open your registration for this season, you can hit the ground running.

    What do teams need to do NOW

    Talk to Your HOA

    Start the conversation with your HOA and neighborhood to let them know you plan to swim this summer. Many teams were blindsided last summer and had limits on the ability to use their pools. Get the conversation going, to make sure you have a plan for this summer.

    Open Registration

    Please update your team website to get registration open for the 2023 season. Resources on how to do this can be found at

    For a full to-do list, pleaseview our complete checklist. Instructions for setting up regstrationASA Swimtopia Registration Setup Instructions for 2023

    Need a Coach?

    If you are looking for a coach, visit https://asa.swimtopia.com/jobs . It includes current coaches looking for work, as well as provides you with an opportunity to post your job. It is a valuable tool for teams and potential coaches to connect. Some other suggested resources are as follows:

    1. In house, hire an assistant coach from prior years.

    2. Contact your pool management company for recommendations.

    3. Contact local club teams (Swim Atlanta, Dynamo, Gold, etc...) Contact nearby high schools (a good resource for this is https://www.ghssca.org/team-contacts)

    4. Contact college programs (GT, Emory, Agnes Scott, UGA, Georgia Southern, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Berry College, SCAD, FSU, Brenau)

    Background Checks and Coach Certification?

    Plan on completing background checks and coaches certification for your potential coaches. We will provide details on the ASA provided resource to do so shortly. This cost will be covered by the league.

    I cannot wait for warmer temps and another great swim season. As always, we will be there for each and every team to help you make your season go as smoothly as possible. We all know how important these teams are to your communities and hope to see you all on a pool deck this summer. 


    Franke Marsden



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